Recreational Classes

Recreational Information

WAG is a comprehensive training program for all ages and abilities, beginner through competitive team. We implement our curriculum on a school year schedule, although you may begin at any time. Tuition applies to membership, not the number of classes each month, and includes many enrichment opportunities.

Preschool division = Walking babies to pre-K
One 60-minute class per week at $75 per month
Children 3 and under attend class accompanied by an adult, while Children 4 and over work independently. Syllabus includes basic gymnastics fundamentals with a focus on gross motor skills and kinesthetic awareness, as well as development of self-management skills in time for kindergarten. Play is a part of every class and is essential to our way of work.

Elementary division = kindergarten to 5th grade
One 75-minute class per week at $90 per month
Instructors will give families proper class placement options after a complimentary private consultation has been conducted. Students train with their peer group and are moved as it becomes necessary for more challenge in their development.

Open division = middle and high school students 
90-minute class at $15 per class or punch card for $150
This class is a drop-in format that does not require regular attendance or pre-registration. The schedule is fluid, so please check the website regularly. This class focuses on tumbling and the other events secondary. It is a proper fit for middle and high school gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders. It is open to boys and girls.